Our Mission

Our mission is to raise the level of empathy within our communities for social justice and criminal justice reform. To encourage and support those impacted by inequality through peer engagement.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the power of empathy and its ability to induce change on long lasting social and institutional systems that interfere with fairness. We believe in the power of racial justice that will include people of color to the mainstream of society. We believe people of color have a vital role in society and will share in the rights and privileges of us all. We believe in the value of second chances and the benefit they bring individuals, their families and the community. We believe in welcoming returning citizen back to their communities. We believe in reducing stigma around those with involvement with the criminal justice system. We believe in validating the feelings of individuals.

Our Vision

To advocate for reform within the Idaho criminal justice system. Create awareness on the benefits for second chances initiatives for both returning citizens and the community at large. To advocate for social and racial justice improvement in Idaho. To partner with state and local organizations with similar goals towards raising community awareness in the area of social justice and criminal Justice reform. Developing trainings, forums, and conferences for local communities implementing our mission.

During the next 12 months IEN is looking to develop the following programs throughout Idaho with the hope to improve.

Our Purpose

  • Facilitate I Care Programs – Large group listening sessions, Train the Trainer experience, and small-group discussion forums.
  • Host Annual “Release Party”
  • Host annual conferences
  • Advocating for social and criminal justice to Idaho legislature
  • Bi-weekly Podcast